ScreenShot H24 in real time and historical screens 100% invisible

ScreenShot24 is an application sold individually, it allows you to completely invisible view a screenshot of your device screen every 30 seconds. The display is continuous, 24 hours a day. Every time the screen is turned on, after 30 seconds a screenshot is taken, if the screen is off and the device is not on use the latest available recording is displayed. The consultation of the screenshots takes place almost in real time, the consultation of the images takes place by accessing the control panel via user name and password. Account registration is done via the DSS software We remind you that it must be installed on a PC with a Windows operating system. In summary therefore, the screen monitoring application is intended for a mobile device with Android operating system. To be able to install the application on your Android device, yes must use the DSS software which must be installed on a Windows PC. Once DSS has been installed on your PC windows connect the USB cable to your phone and smartphone and press install. The instructions in detail they are inside the DSS software.


1 - Real-time device screen display
2 - Recording and saving videos on our servers 3 - Extracting text from videos
4 - Search engine to find keywords in all saved videos

You have a free trial period available, Before purchasing we advise you to test and verify the product e only after testing it to buy. The period of free trial includes all active features without limitations.

One of the application's strong points is its lightness, it prints the screen device every time the user turns it on with negligible, almost imperceptible battery consumption. Its lightness not only does not consume battery but makes the device fluid, the user uses it smartphone without any type of slowdown, the smartphone will always be fluid even in case of poorly performing phones. Battery consumption is almost imperceptible.

ScreenShot24 prints the device's screen every time it is turned on. The text displayed in image screenshots is extrapolated by an intelligence program artificial artificial stone developed by us, you can then search using our search engine the text contained within the screenshots in the screenshot history section.

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